Did Twitpic Clone Twitters Navigation Menu?

I just signed into Twitpic when I noticed something uncannily familiar – the new navigation bar looks exactly like that of new Twitter.


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Why Doesn’t Twitter Allow For Multiple Account Login Via Twitter.com?

Above is a screen shot of the home screen in Twitters Official iPhone App.  See that little plus sign?  That means add additional accounts.  If you don’t believe it, just look at the screen shot because I have multiple accounts setup there!

So, with that being said, we can all agree that Twitter acknowledges that some people may have multiple Twitter aliases.  So why do they make it OK to use multiple accounts on the go but not on the web?  Every Twitter client offers this feature except for Twitter.  Do you think we will ever see it available as a feature? Perhaps #newnewtwitter will have it?

What do you think?

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The Starbucks Card App Should Have Foursquare Check-in Capabilities

I just paid for my daily iced coffee with the new Starbucks Card App from Starbucks.  While it worked great (I hate carrying extra cards in my wallet) I think it should have integration with Foursquare to let me check-in as I am paying as well.

Would you use it if it had this?

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Guy has Obama Sign His iPad, Could Have Been a Biiiiig Mistake

I think this would have been really funny if the signature part was just a zoom in on a larger contract to give this guy autonomous freedom and money in the United States.

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Why Don’t More TVs Have Built In Cameras?

Why don’t more home TV sets have built in cameras?  Panasonic is coming out with one but they are charging $170 for the additional webcam.  They have become a standard for laptops and monitors so I do not think the cost to build them into a TV is that high.  With all TVs now offering “widgets” you would think there are more offerings that include a camera.  Is it that people just don’t want to video chat on their TV?  Are TV’s generally placed too far away to conference with a basic web TV cam?  I have the feeling this may be part of a larger segmentation scheme where companies like Cisco are looking to bundle these conferencing capabilities at a premium with the television manufacturers.

What do you think?

[image via Engadget]

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The iPhone Should Have A Guest Login Option

This idea came from a Tweet via Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch inspired the thought of this App idea, it could work on any platform.

Similar to how people can log into computers via a “guest” account.  It would be nice to have the ability to let people log into your phone via a guest account as well.  This way they can’t look at your email or text messages or mess up any settings you have on your phone.

Obviously, you could make this account password enabled if you want so you do not have to worry about people using it if you lose your phone or get it stolen.

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Question of the Day – Why Would You Ever Need To Print Just The Even or Odd Pages?

I have always seen this option in various programs on my Windows Machine, yet it always leaves me wondering: why would anyone ever need to do this?  This screen shot was taken from trying to print an Outlook email message which is even of a bizarre place for me to see this option.

Anyone care to chime in?

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Dear Twitter: A Quote Tweet Isn’t Really a “Quote Tweet”

I am a big fan of the official Twitter for iPhone app for my iPhone 4.  While I have tried other clients I always end up reverting back to the official one.

With that being said, I am also a fan of the old school “RT @____” way of ReTweeting a Tweet instead of the built in way.

What the iPhone App does unfortunately is literally quote the Tweet.  I have never seen anyone Tweet something like this and always end up having to delete the quote marks and add the RT.  I am pretty sure 99.9% of other Twitter for iPhone App users do the same.

So, Twitter, care to change the way the quote Tweet works and make our lives easier?  Tweetie please?

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Grammar Check Volume I: Gillmor Gang

This is a new feature I am going to bring to TD.  Since I believe I must have been a proofreader in my past life and catch errors regularly I am going to post major errors I see around the web.

The first one I found was on TechCrunch via their Gillmor Gang blog… where they spelled the link to Building 43 on pretty much every page.  We reached out to them to correct it and they still haven’t!

UPDATE: It’s fixed!

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WordPress 3.0 Is Good, But We Need More – 6 Improvements WordPress Should Make Immediately

While I was somewhat impressed with the improvements made to WordPress 3.0, I can’t help but think there are some features missing that should be standard when self hosting with WP.  I also just setup a Tumblr blog (peoplewaiting.tumblr.com) as well as a Posterous blog (samirsocial.posterous.com) and I can’t  help but notice how much easier they are to post to than WordPress. Yes, I understand that with WordPress I can customize the site a lot more, which is why I run my major sites with WP, however there are some things like I said, that should be standard.

  1. Google Analytics Code Insertion.
  2. Regular Analytics.  While we all love Google, it would be nice to be able to see basic real time stats for our site.
  3. Easy Adsense Code Insertion (I know I can make it a widget, but being able to insert it as a banner as well as after posts, etc).
  4. Disqus integration.  If not this then at least the ability to login using OAuth and/or Facebook Connect.  I am far more likely to leave a comment on a site I read if I can just sign in via my Twitter account rather than creating a new account for the site.
  5. Social Media sharing options per post.  This includes Digg/Reddit/Twitter/Facebook Like.  The easier it is to share, the easier users can bring traffic to their sites.
  6. Smooth in post Photo Galleries.  Just like when you are on Facebook jumping through photos within an album, being able to do this within a post is totally needed.

This is all that I can think of for now, is there anything else that you would like to see that I am missing?

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